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Hi, I'm Fernando I'm passionate about Product Design, Art & Music Business. Currently Working as a UX designer at BairesDev
Me at Foro Independencia, opening for Saratoga. "When you love what you do, what you do loves you back"

I’m an enthusiastic, hardworking and committed product designer who specializes in usability and audio/visual solutions with a proven track record of designing websites and apps; an integral artist passionate by music composition/production, and an entrepreneur moved by smart solution enhancement. I have strong technical skills, as well as excellent interpersonal skills. I am eager to be challenged in order to grow and expand on the skill set I have gained through my experience in the IT and business sector.


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About me:


I have a degree in Music Contemporary Writing and Production as well as in Composing and Orchestrating for Film, TV and Video games with a specialty in Music Business from Berklee College of Music. I earned my certificate in UX Design a few years ago, when I first started thinking like a UX designer when I worked as a composer and producer of my personal projects. I would play rhythm and lead guitars and noticed how the shows could have been organized so that they offered users a better experience. The set list and the concert features could have been organized in a different order, so as to make a better sense to the audience. The music should be a journey of emotions that takes the audience through a series of audio/visual experiences that make them feel out of this world throughout the whole show.


My job made me think about how people experience the physical and virtual space of music. I enjoyed thinking this way so much, that it inspired me to get my certificate in UX Design. Now, I specialize in Usability and Audio/Visual design and digital services.


Throughout my career in entertainment, I’ve developed professional competences such as Leadership, Strategy, Business and Budget Development, Branding, Marketing, Financial Management, and Team Building, among others.


You can find examples of my most recent projects in the portfolio section of my website.


I’m fluent in Spanish, English and French.


When I’m not working, I enjoy discovering new music, especially symphonic power metal bands and projects.

Reach out to me! contact@fariasfernando.com
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